Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pattern Sketches

Going along with the topic of “Patterns” I thought it would be fun to work around
the idea of 'Behavioural Patterns' so after some light research, by which I mean googling
the words 'behavioural' and 'patterns'. I came across this excerpt

“There are common patterns of behaviour exhibited by many species,
and a few behaviour patternsthat are exhibited by all species. Since all
species need to reproduce, eat, and try not to be eaten be someone else, all
species exhibit some type of reproductive behaviour, foraging (eating) behaviour,
and defensive behaviour.”

My concept is to have different animals sitting in a bar. This struck me as a solution
to the idea because a bar is a location in which one forages for for food and drink.
Some also use a bar as a place to begin engaging in reproductive behaviour.
Defensive behaviours can also be seen in bars. Whether it's avoiding unwanted
advances or getting into a fight.

I really just wanted to draw a manatee with a cocktail...


  1. YESS manateee!!

    I like it! It's not the obvious approach to patterns but you've justified it and made it work. I think the manatee needs to be bigger. His head could be a little taller than the bar, maybe? It just feels like the animals are all fairly the same size. If you make the manatee bigger, the composition will be more dynamic, and who wouldn't want a giant manatee???

  2. I agree with Chelsea. Also if you made the manatee's flipper arm somewhat rest on the table, just a hint of it (an elbow perhaps) it would break up that straight line and empty bottom corner. Very cute Kate!

  3. I agree with everyone. The animals need a bit of variety in size, have no fear, exaggerate away. The perspective on the table with the bird is distorted so why not make the manatee bigger, and make the whole thing a bit more wonky? Everyone loves a really fat manatee (especially me :D )