Monday, January 31, 2011

The Invisible Man

Hi everyone, so I know I haven't posted any sketches either, but here's my final. It's basically for the story of the invisible man...or a cover for the novel, I should say. I wanted something very simple, so I set up a little scene where the man would be holding his cane as he sits on a chair. 
(I'm not sure why, but for whatever reason it looks a little washed out when I post it here....)


  1. Inga, I like the lonely chair that's off the middle. And the wood pattern looks great! Did you burn it in the wood?

    It might just be me but I feel like the floor could be a solid color, instead of the wash. But the line work you've done looks so good. The line weights are all different, kinda like when you ink but with a brush.

    The images always look more washed out on blogger. You could bump up the saturation a little bit, and then save it for web and devices. Did you save it as an RGB? Yeah, I always have that problem.

  2. I really love the pattern in this one. That wood totally makes the illustration. I agree with Chelsea about having a solid floor colour... maybe something contrasting with the chair to make it pop more (though it's pretty in your face as it is).

    I also really like the off center composition and his floating cane. The way this image implies most of what it wants to say is great!

  3. Thanks guys! I took your advice and changed the floor on my website's upload. Looks better now...I think.
    Glad you liked the pattern and yes Chelsea I did burn it in the wood. Thanks for the 'save for web and devices' tip, I had no idea that was there.

  4. Hey Inga!
    I'm liking the new direction ur work has been taking...