Monday, January 31, 2011

Patterns: Completed

My completed image for our theme of "Patterns".
The image is a combination of pen and ink with digital colour.
I had a difficult time deciding on a colour scheme. I went with a neutral selection because I thought it complimented the style of the line work.

Let me know what you think...


  1. Kate, I think the neutral palette works really well with the final piece. And the textures are awesome; not overdone, and placed perfectly.

    And I like the tilt in the composition - it's more dynamic. I think that there should be a difference (even a subtle one) in shades for the animals. The bunny and the pig can have that same shade because they're in the background. But because the parrot and walrus are closer to us, the parrot can be one shade lighter, and the walrus, two. Just so there's a little bit of depth.

    Hey! this would make a really sweet postcard - maybe printed on a neutral canson?

  2. I agree with Chelsea about the tones in the animals, I think a small 10%-30% difference in tone would make the illustration a lot more readable. I love the jaunty perspective. The only thing I'm missing is the manatee's straw as it enters the glass... I feel like if it's going to be empty, having the whole straw would help make that clearer.

    Really love the dirty tones and textures in this piece it's great :)

  3. This is pretty neat. I like the sketchy quality of the piece, like how you didn't erase the structural lines of the rabbit and such. I like the neutral colour of the whole piece but I agree with the girls about the slight variation in the front two animals (either a lighter value or a warmer colour within the same family....maybe a yellow ochre or something).

  4. Wow. This is like straight out of Inception from the animal kingdom. I love it! I agree with the other girls though: needs more variation in tone and contrast. If you can get some light grays and a few sprinkles of pure white in this piece, you would be singing. Peace.

  5. Hey Kate!
    Really like the feel of this piece...
    I agree with Sam, a bit of white would have made the image pop.