Monday, January 31, 2011


Finally up!
This isn't the right way to do it; I should have posted my sketches up first to wait for your comments but I had to finish this in time for NYC. Ladies, next time I'll do it right! Or I owe you all delicious tea.

I've been meaning to create an illustration for Valentine's Day. Integrating the theme of patterns made this project more fun and aesthetically interesting. The idea is straightforward - a shish kabob of lovefools struck by Cupid's arrow. I guess the idea is quite morbid if you think about it literally. I tried to avoid it by using a warm and playful color palette. 

The patterns are mostly worked into the clothing. But the less obvious pattern would be the arrangement of people lined up next to one another.

So yes, folks.
This process is very different for me since I usually work with acrylics. I just felt like creating a lighthearted, and mostly drawn illustration.


  1. Looks awesome Chelsea! I love the colour pallet you chose. The only critique would be how strong the heart is on the right hand side, it immediately draws my focus and I'm not sure if skipping all the figures to look at the heart was your intention. I think that either putting it on the left hand side so it starts the viewer off could help, or maybe just desaturating it or lightening it.

    Other than that it's a great illustration!

  2. It makes me happy looking at this lol. I agree with the colour palette choice and like the characters' faces...they all look so content and friendly (and their cheeks are rosy, which is great). It kind of looks like an ad. I think store window displays should start using more illustrations - in which case this would be for like H&M or something. The only thing is it almost looks like the arrow is behind them, so maybe you could add like a little wrinkle in the guy's sweater (on the left) and then the arrow slightly overlapping it...if that makes sense.

  3. ...aww this image is very sweet!