Monday, January 31, 2011

The Invisible Man

Hi everyone, so I know I haven't posted any sketches either, but here's my final. It's basically for the story of the invisible man...or a cover for the novel, I should say. I wanted something very simple, so I set up a little scene where the man would be holding his cane as he sits on a chair. 
(I'm not sure why, but for whatever reason it looks a little washed out when I post it here....)


Finally up!
This isn't the right way to do it; I should have posted my sketches up first to wait for your comments but I had to finish this in time for NYC. Ladies, next time I'll do it right! Or I owe you all delicious tea.

I've been meaning to create an illustration for Valentine's Day. Integrating the theme of patterns made this project more fun and aesthetically interesting. The idea is straightforward - a shish kabob of lovefools struck by Cupid's arrow. I guess the idea is quite morbid if you think about it literally. I tried to avoid it by using a warm and playful color palette. 

The patterns are mostly worked into the clothing. But the less obvious pattern would be the arrangement of people lined up next to one another.

So yes, folks.
This process is very different for me since I usually work with acrylics. I just felt like creating a lighthearted, and mostly drawn illustration.

Patterns: Completed

My completed image for our theme of "Patterns".
The image is a combination of pen and ink with digital colour.
I had a difficult time deciding on a colour scheme. I went with a neutral selection because I thought it complimented the style of the line work.

Let me know what you think...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Patterns: Completed

Hey all! Here is the finished version of my sketch for the topic of patterns! Let me know what you think. It was done with a weird softolium product on kraft paper, then worked in photoshop.



Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pattern Sketches

Going along with the topic of “Patterns” I thought it would be fun to work around
the idea of 'Behavioural Patterns' so after some light research, by which I mean googling
the words 'behavioural' and 'patterns'. I came across this excerpt

“There are common patterns of behaviour exhibited by many species,
and a few behaviour patternsthat are exhibited by all species. Since all
species need to reproduce, eat, and try not to be eaten be someone else, all
species exhibit some type of reproductive behaviour, foraging (eating) behaviour,
and defensive behaviour.”

My concept is to have different animals sitting in a bar. This struck me as a solution
to the idea because a bar is a location in which one forages for for food and drink.
Some also use a bar as a place to begin engaging in reproductive behaviour.
Defensive behaviours can also be seen in bars. Whether it's avoiding unwanted
advances or getting into a fight.

I really just wanted to draw a manatee with a cocktail...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

So I'm the 2nd! Here's my upcoming work!

 Hey guys! So here is what I came up with for our "pattern" topic. I'm doing a piece called "Vacation Deprivation" - which sums up me at the current moment. I'm so longing for a beach, so I kind of went with the whole vacation on the mind idea. The messy hair from the deprived man is actually the relaxing waves for his alternate happy self. He's just chilling on a rubber ducky inflatable with a tropical cocktail in his hand...Ahh the life..

Here are some photos of what it's looking like so far. I really want to make this piece bright and tropical. It'll be a light pink sky and aqua clouds. Hope you guys like :)

Cheers till the final piece,  Kira

Ready! Set! Go!

Hi all!
Well it's time to kick off this blog. The goal here is to get our illustration mojo going and produce some kick ass work. By the end of 30 days (we hope) we'll have some finished illustrations to show. And for you kids following along at home, feel free to link your efforts in the comments!

So the theme for this month is Patterns

On your mark... get set... GO! (NO SLACKING!)

Here are my sketches for the theme of Patterns. I chose to illustrate the pattern of tides governed by the moon. I've been spending way too much time in the Canadian Gallery at the ROM (I'm a design intern there) so those patterns are showing up in my sketchbook. Let me know what you guys think. The shape of the illustration is the size of the illustration I'll be carving so that isn't very flexible...but other than that anything goes!