Friday, June 24, 2011

Sketch of "Twitter birds"

So here are some sketches for this month's topic, "Freedom is out of fashion."
It's about how we choose to be chained to our social media devices because it's the fashion to constantly update our Twitter, Facebook, and so on.

I kind of like the second sketch better because it exaggerates the amount of tweeting, and even with one eye, he is still engrossed in updating his tweets on his phone. And if you're wondering what the graphic is on his shirt, it's a silhouette of binoculars. It's a birdwatching shirt. I thought it would be a funny addition to the illustration. Fellow bloggers, what do you think?



  1. I actually like the progression of having both side by side. I'm not sure if in the first one the guy's eyes should be looking straight or at the birds to see what others are tweeting. Maybe even having the birds more dispersed. Then in the second he looks at his phone to type.

  2. Actually at first I thought they were both to be used to show progression. If you ARE doing both then I agree with what Kira mentioned. But I think if you're choosing one, I'd go with the second because it's so exaggerated. Maybe just show a hint of some other part of his face too ( kind of for a visual break from the birds).
    I so love this concept though! Can't wait to see the final :)

  3. Great stuff Chelsea! I agree with the others that the two together work really well. I also agree with what Inga said about the first one, having the birds more dispersed, maybe flying in towards his head about to land on him?

    I can't wait to see it finished!