Thursday, June 30, 2011


Hello! I'm a new contributor to Illustration Project. I'm very happy to be taking part, I've been admiring everyone's work from afar for a while now. Forgive me as I catch up to speed! I didn't realize that sketches are part of the process. I'll make sure to include them next time. In the meanwhile, here is my 'Freedom is out of Fashion'. In this case, I think it's a good illustration of a piece that ran away from me a bit...

out of fashion out of style

My idea centered around our freedom to vote, and how the polls seem more and more desolate with each passing election. More of an American feel in this than I had originally intended to portray...

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  1. This is really awesome, Kat! I love both the concept and execution. I'm really enjoying the palette and the stark contrast between the black indoor setting, and the warmth of the outdoor one. It's very dynamic, and conveys how the freedom to vote is set aside rather than celebrated, thereby crippling liberty. I don't mind the American feel. It's not like we have a Canadian version of Liberty, do we? A beaver would be an entirely different illustration... But anyway, so glad to have you on board the project!

    And sketches are not necessary unless you need help or feedback from the rest of us.