Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No Hard Feelings

Hey guys! Here it is, my final piece. I have to admit this was a hard piece to do. So many men to sculpt, dress, paint and add hair too. Even the shooting processes was tricky, I had to position all the men so that the ties all show up, since they're the main concern in this concept (ties represent penis's) - it is a metaphorical piece of course. I just wanted to create a pattern type piece with a little comedy. The colour palette is different from what I normally use. The skin on these guys is in fact grey and not desaturated on photoshop. All the colors are as you see them in the image. Hope you guys like it.



  1. Hey Kira!
    Love the details on this particular piece, as well as your colour palette...:) The expressions on their faces are very life-like, especially on the one with the orange suit. Beautiful work!

  2. Looks good! I like how you sculptures have the same style as your concept sketches. I didn't understand the piece to be about ED. I thought it was more about guys worrying about penis size.
    I think it would be awesome if there was one shifty looking guy with like a bow tie or like a sad preacher with one of those white collars that they wear.
    Super funny, great job.

  3. Yeah I have to say the colour palette is really appealing. Love how it's almost black and white with a few traces of colour.
    Also I love the idea Kate mentioned about the bow tie too, that's be awesome. The only thing I feel could be adjusted is the colour of the suit in the bottom left corner - I feel it fights with the red one for attention because most of the other suits are less saturated.
    But yeah, the piece looks great!