Monday, May 2, 2011

May Sketch

I had wanted to do this piece for a while and figured I could do it under the May topic, it works. It's about ED or erectile dysfunction, using the ties metaphorically as each man's penis. It's more or less a visual pattern piece, I'm going to try a different color combination than my usual for this one, hoping it works out. It'll be a limited color palette since there's so many people in this piece. Let me know if you have any thoughts, already started sculpting the faces.



  1. Looks great Kira. I love the expression on the guy in blue's face. Will the rest of them be black and white?

    I like the play on tie lengths, it's very subtle... maybe a little more exaggeration/variation in the other guys ties, maybe changing the width of some of them.

  2. I wanted to the colors very subtle, mostly greys with random elements of color on some of the guys. Colors like that aqua, pale yellow, orange and variations of greys/blacks. Even their skin tone. I want to make it kind of like a black and white photo without doing it on photoshop.

  3. The guy on the left. third row up looks like Abe Lincoln!

    My only critique is I don't think the odd guy out should stand out too much in gesture and he disrupts the nice pattern of bodies. It's too obvious that he's the odd one, I like that you're keeping the piece subtle. Shift the guys on the left over, so you're not trying to squeeze him in.

    I know it's just a sketch, but keep that pattern consistent! And I'm enjoying all the characters' faces.

  4. ahaha yeah he does actually. Okay will shift them all. I'm having so much fun sculpting all these guys

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  6. ^ lol...I pretty much repeated what Chelsea wrote; the guy on the left does look like Abe Lincoln.

    Great sketch! I like the colour palette you've chosen...looking forward to the final piece.