Thursday, March 24, 2011

TEAM SHEEN piece complete!

I really wanted to do a Charlie Sheen piece while he's current and all over the place. I did still relate it to theme for this month "emoticon," which is why he has that expression  ( :P ). It goes with both his character and the theme. I had a blast doing this piece and am totally happy with the outcome. I think this  is one of my best works. Hope you all enjoy :D

You can see my process work on [my blog] as well as the final work on my [site]

I'll have you know I worked hard on this one, but it was a pleasure.

Kira Shaimanova


  1. Winning piece Kira! Looks super awesome :)

  2. Looks stellar as usual Kira,
    My favourite part would have to be the fans arms. Great attention to detail.

  3. This looks pretty wicked Kira, love the facial details! The only thing I feel is taking away attention from Charlie is the grass, feels a little too contrasted.