Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Emoticon -Sketch

This is my sketch for the emoticon or ":S" theme. I wanted to show how little our text based relations convey. There's so much missing from them, even from phone conversations, but for many of us it is the only contact we have with some of the people in our lives. Increasingly, it's also the favored way of communicating. I remember seeing a guide to using the phone that was released right after it became a popular house hold item. it had sort of schematic and cheesy illustrations. That's what I thinking of when I was drawing this sketch, so some of that may have come through. Let me know what you think. It will be rendered in a print.




  1. Smart idea Jacquie, I like it!
    I would make the speech bubbles even bigger than that so they take up a generous amount of space in your composition. I really really love the wire looking patterns in the hair and background, and I would love to see more of it. I kind of want to see a shoulder on the male figure. Maybe not exactly the same as the female, but maybe show his left shoulder instead? Or crop her shoulder too.

    Lookin' oh so very good!

  2. Like the technology line work, not sure about the blank mask on their face. Maybe if you do the shape of face (ie. profile outline) and have the lines form into a facial parts. Or if not just take off those face pads and leave the front of the face blank. Can't wait to see which colors you use

  3. I kind of like the blank faces... Will they end up looking like blank screens? I do agree with Sam and the speech bubbles though. I feel like their size is too similar to the size of their heads. Or maybe it's their placement. Maybe if the heartbroken speech bubble was a little higher so it fills the negative space at the top of the composition?

    I'm so excited to see it printed though! The line work and patterns are going to look awesome!

  4. Everyone's comments pretty much covered what I would say. Looks great so far.
    What colours were you thinking of using in your palette? I could see neons
    all over the place.