Saturday, July 30, 2011

1.Twins, 2. Honeymoon

Twins | 16x20"| Acrylic on Wood

Honeymoon | 4x6" | Acrylic Ink & Digital

Hello guys!!!
I'm really glad to take a part in this illustration project, and I'm so happy that i can share some works/ideas with you guys even in here, Seoul! YAY!

These two illustrations are very straight forward- SUMMER TIME!
(well, floral patterned clothing and bananas are some of my favorite subjects that I'm really into these days)

Hope you enjoy it!


  1. Always love your work the moment I especially like that little coconut resting on the palm tree hahaha. Umm but yes the colour palette is pretty great in both pieces (even though it's so different from the other). The offsetting of the colour in the first one works really well. In the second piece I'm not sure about the shadows under the bananas and coconut. All the colours are flat and that part looks a little out of place to me. That's being picky though lol.

  2. YOOJIN!

    So glad that you're a part of the project! LOVE your work. You already know I do ;). "Twins" is such a perfect summer piece. The colors scream summer, and like Inga said, the offsetting works really well. And although "Honeymoon" has a different color palette, it represents the calmness of the piece. And the little details are the best (like the coconut!).

    Great work, Yoojin!