Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hey guys!
It's been a min...but here is my image for our theme "patterns"
"Patterns" (ballpoint pen).


  1. Hey Irva!
    Your drawings are always so delicate and beautifully shaded. I'm actually really liking the first cropped version... it just has more impact. I think it could just be because the uncropped version has too much negative space on the left. I feel like the left side has to be cropped a little more so that the image becomes more of a vertically long illustration.

    Otherwise, this piece is really beautiful, and I love the netting around the face. The geometry of the lines work very well against the organic shading of the face.

  2. Lovely work Irva, I agree with Chelsea about the cropping to the left. I also love that little gun in the corner. I really like the way you mix the different colours of ball point pen.